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HOJB Black Obsidian Crystal Ball 35-50mm 聚寶軒黑曜石镇宅水晶球35-50mm
Price RM50.00 - RM80.00
Product SKU OB-BL35/50MM
Brand HOJB
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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HOJB Bola Batu Obsidian Hitam Asli 35-50mm (Batu Obsidian Semulajadi)

彩曜石/黑曜石 Rainbow / Black Obsidian








The black obsidian may be a very good for the health. It is a powerful stone, which may aid in digestion, as well as with some other digestive problems. Just like the aqua aura quartz, it may ease any gall bladder issues, promote good heart health, as well as lower the blood pressure level.


The black obsidian is a lucky stone to possess, especially in terms of wealth. Mainly because it may turn bad luck to good luck. Everyone needs good luck from time to time, so this is a stone that you must never be without.


This stone may wars off the bad chi, as well as cleanse any negative energies that may affect your own decision making, flow of thought, as well as your handle on your own emotions. You’ll be more practical in your own approach. You’ll not let your own emotions in taking over, yet you’ll do the right thing.


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