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HOJB Natural Yellow Jasper Seven Chakra David-Star Set 50-100mm 聚寶軒天然黄碧玉大卫星七星阵风水摆件50-100mm
Price RM68.00 - RM188.00
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Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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HOJB Batu Jed Jasper Kuning Bintang David Tujuh Cakra 50-100mm (Batu Jed Jasper Kuning Asli)

七星阵  David Star Seven Chakra










The presence of the Star of David, an ancient and sacred symbol which appears in many spiritual traditions worldwide, is said to multiply the positive energies of these crystal balls. In Feng Shui, crystal balls are used to bring a harmonious, calming energy to any space.


Bed room is the main point as recommended to put 7 Chakra Star of David Ornament for life-enhancing energy.


Yellow Jasper is a remarkable stone for deflecting jealousy, and makes an excellent shield if you are the object of petty gossip. Wear to ease chronic worries and self-consciousness about what others say or think, and to help overcome embarrassment when eating alone in public. 


Yellow Jasper builds self-confidence and enthusiasm, channeling positive energy and attracting others to you. It is good for building friendships, and beneficial for those living in close-knit communities. 


Yellow Jasper makes an excellent diet stone, lending emotional support and strength in self-discipline, as well as boosting physical energy levels. Its slow, steady vibration helps avoid extremes and encourages perseverance. It is also useful for long periods of fasting.


This stone may be used to align the energies of the chakras to facilitate safe astral travel, particularly when placed over the Heart and Navel Chakras, or to amplify the potency of the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is highly protective and grounding, and may also be used to promote dream recall.


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