HOJB Tibetan Pure Dzi with "S" Money Hook 12x35mm 聚寶軒西藏至纯天珠"S"金钱勾天珠12x35mm
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HOJB Tibetan Pure Dzi with "S" Money Hook 12x35mm 聚寶軒西藏至纯天珠"S"金钱勾天珠12x35mm

HOJB Dzi with "S" Money Hook 聚寶軒"S"金钱勾天珠




DZI S HOOK also known as Money Hook Dzi, it is able to hook in more wealth luck and able to provide more opportunities for wearer. More importantly, it will also assist to retained wealth and ensure it will not slip away easily.






公元前3000年至1500年之间,阿利安人的印度古国。 古老文献《吠陀经》中记载的咒术、图腾等符号图案造型(也就是现在天珠上的各种图案)。 依《吠陀经》记载: 远古时因受地理环境及天然灾害的影响,求神助佑之心自然产生。当时的人们为求神佛庇佑,天珠作为护身符而被创造出来。



最早的记载为唐朝時时期。 天珠用于敬奉佛祖菩萨事迹具代表性的记载,唐太宗贞观十五年(西元六四一年)文成公主下嫁吐蕃赞普松藏干布时, 带了一尊从印度请来,原本是送予唐太宗的佛像作为陪嫁,后来这尊佛像送到西藏后,再镶了百余颗各式各样的天珠,包括三颗九眼天珠,及三眼天珠、二眼天珠、宝瓶天珠(或称永生瓶天珠) 、虎纹天珠和其他带眼天珠等。 天珠的藏语发音为 『思怡』(DZI),为美好、威德、财富之意,而梵文是以 『昧自尬』 称呼天珠。 西藏人认为能够拥有一颗天珠,必须要有很大的福气和缘份,它有无限福慧。 天珠的质地是喜玛拉雅山蕴藏几千年的玛瑙矿,居民用竹篓上山采矿,西藏喇嘛再以白椰菜花、 天然树脂为染料,绘制图腾于其上,浸泡百种以上的草药,至少六个月以上,再经由上师开光、佩带、念经、加持历代相传的过程制成才有称为真品天珠。 因此,藏人视天珠为天神的吉祥物,对它的重视如同生命一样重要。 西藏是中国最纯净的佛教圣地,天珠就在这块充满神奇色彩的佛地上吸收灵气,接受加持。 西藏人虔诚的膜拜和恭敬,以及他们收藏供养,世代相传,天珠便成为人们心目中珍贵的宝物了, 充分体现了天珠的本身价值。



Tibet's Mystical Treasure

The Dzi Bead is one of the most mysterious and treasured beads of today with a rich history of lore and mysticism. Dzi(pronounced"zee")is the Tibetan word for a unique bead. These beads are highly sought after by collectors,practicing Buddhists,and many countries throughout the Himalayas. These beads are believed to bring luck,ward off evil,and protect the wearer from physical harm. The rarity of these beads makes them as valuable as diamonds. So valuable are they that the People's Bank and the City Credit Bureau of Tibet accept it as collateral security for loans. 


The intricate and unique patterns of these beads are of great value, commanding high prices and are difficult to come by. Some universally recognized patterns are circles,squares, waves,and stripes. When choosing Dzi beads, the purity of the beads is the most important factor. Colors need to be strong and in good contrast; the design etched in a desirable pattern; and the bead should be in symmetrical shape.


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