About Us

House of Jue-Bao in Mandarin means “a treasure trove of crystals”.

With designs that are inspired by Italian masters, elegance and beauty are synonymous with HOJB crystals. With its unique concept of ‘affordable luxury’, HOJB aims in bringing the finest crystal from Brazil, South Africa, and Hong Kong, and offering them at very affordable prices. Because after all, crystals are meant for everyone.


HOJB, Instant brand recognition

Even though HOJB has gain popularity through the years, we are actively promoting our brand in various magazines in all languages. We want HOJB to be a name synonymous with quality of crystals and excellent services. To this end, we have been heavily promoting out crystals in shopping malls and trade exhibitions. Crystal jewelry is fast gaining popularity and HOJB aims to capture a large portion of that market.·

Customer Profile

Crystal appeal to a wide market. Our customers come from all levels of society, seeking the beneficial influence of crystals. Predominantly, our customers are:

– Young adults

– Families

– Tourists, both local and foreign

– Owners of retail outlets in malls

– Majority of our customers are from the middle-high income group.


Product & price profile

HOJB carries a wide range of crystals that appeals to a wide audience. In stock, we have crystal jewelries, crystal home ornaments and feng shui products.
We believe that crystals must be made available to all walks of life. The prices of our crystals are equally as broad as our collection of crystals, starting from a low RM5 to the high of RM50,000. Our price range is low enough to entice new collectors, and high enough to create value amongst veterans.


Value-added service

Because they make first contact with customers, our personnel are well-trained and well-versed in everything crystal. They will also engage in our value-added services that include
– Consultation

– Restringing

– Replacement of lost beads and crystals

– Gift packaging

– Ordering crystals if they are not available yet in stores

– Money-back guarantee