HOJB Authentic Indonesia Agni Manitite (Pseudo-Tektite) Rough Stone S925 Pendant 21-28mm 聚寶軒纯正印尼烈火石(印尼玻璃隕石)原石S925吊坠21-28mm
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Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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HOJB Loket Batu Angkasa Indonesia Agni Manitite Asli 21-28mm (S925 Perak) (Batu Angkasa Agni Manitite Tulen)

印尼烈火石(印尼玻璃隕石) - Agni Manitite (Pseudo-Tektite)


Agni Manitite印尼烈火石,俗稱印尼玻璃隕石,在市場上也被稱為“火珠”,是在印度尼西亞爪哇島發現的極為罕見的隕石。顏色範圍從深木炭灰黑色到煙熏半透明。




它的名字來源於古代梵語“agni mani”,意思是“神聖之火的珍珠”。這些隕石是在隕石墜落在印度尼西亞群島上時形成的。這導致表面加熱到足以使其液化的程度,從而使大地母親獲得了來自這個世界的礦物。之所以如此罕見,是因為大多數Agni烈火隕石現在都在水下,導致這種隕石難以置信。因此採集起來非常具有挑戰性。這些都是非常奇怪和獨特的。






1. 較容易連結高我

2. 能引領配戴者打破乙太體,進而瓦解備受控的帷幕。

3. 幫助配戴者清理內在阻塞、創傷及負面植入物。

4. 喚醒靈性,加速靈性覺醒和靈性增長。

5. 加強直覺力。

6. 提升智慧,能清晰找到自身問題所在,從而改變自己,突破框架。

7. 加速願望實現。

8. 提升高雅氣質。

9. 療癒身心靈,疏通全身經絡。

10. 啟發加強其他水晶的靈性,可搭配其他水晶,效果加乘。

11. 隕石能維持自身的純淨,不須擔心淨化問題。


Agni Manitite, also known on the market as Pearl of Fire, is an extremely rare tektite found on the island of Java, Indonesia. The color ranges from a dark charcoal grey-black to a smoky translucent color. Its name is derived from the ancient Sanskrit term “agni mani”, meaning “pearl of the divine fire”. These tektites were formed when a meteorite crash landed over the Indonesian archipelago. This resulted in the heating of the surface that was enough to liquidize it, thus giving Mother Earth a mineral from out of this world. What makes this so rare, is that most of the pieces of Agni Manitite are now underwater, resulting in this tektite to be incredibly hard to come by.


Pearl of Fire resonates directly with the solar plexus chakra, activating it and engaging it to “warp speed”. You’ll immediately notice the connection and overseeing ability of your personal energy levels and the unique attributes that make you, you. Most of these traits stem from our second brain (our gut) and hold the key to unlocking a majority of answers we may not have even been looking for. This tektite specializes in raising your creative, manifestation, and adventurous energy levels to new heights. This is in hopes of one channeling their own conjured energy into the task, dream, goal or desire that is at the forefront of their mind. Pearl of Fire should result in increased confidence of yourself and your own capabilities. You are given a gift when you are born into this world; free will (consciousness). This is simply the ability to freely pick and choose your interests, while being consciously aware of your emotional state. Agni Manitite helps direct your own personal will to that which truly brings happiness and joy into your life. This results in better thinking, strength, and positivity that will spread throughout your physical vessel like wildfire.


This stone should serve as a reminder that anything is possible as long as your soul and mind can become synchronized with the world around you. By being able to understand your surroundings, one will become a leader amongst the pack. Just as a leader's role is to push forward and lead the way, they are also very respected and powerful beings. They have a community that listens and takes their word at the highest value. This is something one cannot just find in this world, rather it must be built over time. Agni Manitite pushes one's leadership values to the next level and helps you to slowly bring your own community together on a mission of peace, light, and self embetterment.


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