HOJB Natural Alashan Rainbow Stone 5A Bracelet 8-10MM 聚寶軒天然阿拉善彩虹石5A手串8-10MM
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Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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HOJB Gelang Tangan Batu Pelangi Alashan Asli 8-10mm (Batu Alashan Semulajadi)

天然阿拉善彩虹石(Alashan Rainbow Stone)是一種特別的晶石,來自內蒙古大漠,屬於由礦物和水晶生成時混合形成的共生水晶,而彩虹石的晶體內主要的礦物是叫Lepidocrocite(纖鐵礦),因此彩虹石中的紅色、橙色、黃色或是灰色白色都是由於這礦物所致,絕無加色。





Natural Alashan Rainbow Stone iridescent stone is a special kind of spar from the desert of Inner Mongolia. It is a symbiotic crystal formed by mixing minerals and crystals when it is generated. The main mineral in iridescent stone is called (lepidocrocite). The red, orange, yellow, or gray-white colors are all due to this mineral and there is absolutely no additive color.


Scholars who study spar energy even believe that the Alashan Rainbow Stone can make people become cheerful, optimistic and positive. It is a spar full of positive energy. It contains rich natural gas. It is good for regulating nerves, enhancing memory, and improving sleep. Those who bring happiness and confidence, bring beautiful dreams. Very suitable for daily wear.


The ancients regarded it as a sacred object to avoid evil, which can attract wealth, ward off evil and protect peace. It contains multiple trace elements, of which iron can nourish blood and nourish the skin.

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