HOJB Authentic Moldavite Rough Stone "Runes Magic" S925 Pendant 19x40mm(13.3G) 聚寶軒纯正捷克流星陨石"卢恩符文"能量石925银吊坠19x40mm(13.3G)
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HOJB Loket Batu Angkasa Hijau Asli Moldavite 19x40mm(13.3G) (S925 Perak) (Batu Angkasa Hijau Tulen) 

盧恩符文(Runes)是北歐日耳曼民族流傳悠久的一種占卜工具。 在古代,部落的祭司們用這24個符號加一個空白符文來進行天氣、戰爭、出海等預測。 除了占卜外,北歐人也將這些符號刻印在器物上以增強物品的魔法能量,例如刀劍、盾牌等,他們認為使用刻有符文的武器能在戰場上攻無不克。


Runes are often associated with magic and sometimes curses too. For many centuries, they were used as magical symbols to guide people to the knowledge which they believed was created by their gods. They were also used as a warning to the ones who disturbed sacred space.


Runes were mentioned in so many stories over the years that it is perhaps impossible to count them all. They have also been a very important tool for fortunetellers, people who follow esoteric practices, people with pagan beliefs, and other people drawn to ancient practices.


捷克陨石 Moldavite


捷克陨石的形成约在一千五百万年前,当时有一颗巨大的陨石撞击到地球表面,由于大爆炸产生了高温与高压,而将这颗陨石与周围的石头融合成如浪花般的玻璃状物质,而在1787年在捷克摩达维河 Moldavite 发现,所以英文就以 Moldavite 命名,中文为捷克陨石。


陨石大部分都以每秒钟11-74公里的速度穿越大气层进入地球,在此途中与地球的大气层摩擦,表面会因炽热而融化,而没有被燃烧完的残留物降至地面后,就是陨石。而陨石撞击地壳产生熔化飞溅而成的似曜岩类或黑曜岩类具有球状、哑铃状、珠状等等形状。有时候受陨石撞击后,地面岩层会融化飞溅,在与大气层的空气接触之后,将冷凝成玻璃,而捷克陨石就是属于这类的天然绿色陨石玻璃 。






(1) 佩戴捷克隕石,有助於建立健康、開朗、活潑、樂觀的人生觀,也容易交到好朋友、好運氣,得到貴人相助。


(2) 綠色光代表正財,象徵事業、生意所帶來的財富。


(3) 信心不足或需要一點運氣的人,出門接洽生意、談判、打官司時,佩戴捷克隕石,除瞭可以加強本身氣勢外,還可以多一點幸運的能量。


(4) 對於經常出入醫院、墓園、監獄等地,或與運事不好的人接觸的朋友,可以防止各種病氣、濁氣、雜氣的上身,並請定期每週消磁一次。


(5) 可以釋放心中的負能量,消除憂鬱負能量,並能防止周圍外靈負能量的入侵和預防自殺傾向。


(6) 對於肝功能不好,容易疲勞者,有助於釋放肝部負能量,沉穩睡眠,消除累積的疲勞和壓力。


(7) 與其他水晶一起佩戴可加強其他水晶的靈性,效果相乘,是內行人才知道的稀有寶石。



Moldavite will balance your thoughts and emotions so that you will always be vibrant and healthy.


When everything in your life is balanced, and everything is working as it should, you will feel happy, satisfied, and complete.


This stone will also assist you in your perceptions about the world and your responses to external stimuli. It will keep you anchored to reality and give you a clear idea on the right thing to do.


It is a growth crystal that will play a very important role in your development, rebirth, or renewal. It is a powerful stone that can help you in nurturing your professional and personal relationships.


It is a known talisman that brings good fortune and protection to its wearer.


It will also provide safety in travel, especially when you’re constantly on the road or up in the air to attend meetings, sales conferences, and the like.


Its energies will calm your worries and help resolve your problems about money. It will show you solutions and make you realize that money is not the most valuable thing in the world.


It will fill you with the energy of growth, expansion, and new beginnings. Moldavite will also bring you energies of vitality and abundance.


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