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HOJB Authentic Olivine Meteorite Pallasite Rectangle S925 Pendant 20-25mm 聚寶軒纯正橄榄天铁流星陨石长方形S925银吊坠20-25mm
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Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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HOJB Loket Batu Besi Bintang Angkasa Olivin Pallasite Asli 20-25mm (S925 Perak) (Besi Bintang Angkasa Pallasite Tulen)

橄榄陨石 Pallasite


橄榄陨石(Pallasite)属于石铁陨石(Stony-iron Meteorite)家族,有别于普通天铁,市面所见天铁大部份为镍铁陨石,由镍,铁等主要成份组成。


而橄榄陨石比天铁多左橄榄石(Olivine Crystals)而橄榄陨石属于一种罕见陨石,只佔所有发现陨石既 2% 。橄榄陨石有助舒缓紧张情绪,令人心旷神怡,也可使睡眠安稳,与外界更加融洽。






來自外太空的神奇隕石 - - - - - 天铁,又称镍铁陨石




产地大部分分布在 纳米比亚(Gibeon)、瑞典(Muonionalusta)。





因为天铁陨石有强大的能量,可用来袪魔除邪、镇宅、开运,亦是修行中的绝佳法器,是保护所有善良灵魂的守护神又称为新时代的"水晶之王",是所有能量的综合体,可开发潜能, 有聚焦、集中、扩大、记忆的功 能,令人头脑清晰,可镇宅避邪,淨化全身,去除病气,趋吉开运。 


主大小脑及中枢神经系统,增进大小脑的功 能,增强学习力、记忆力、好姻缘、提昇灵性、护身、聚福气、改风水,亦可澄清直觉力,拥有强大淨化力,带来灵感、确立目标,支持梦想实现,提高创造力,是最平衡又最丰富的能量,能适用在各个轮位、各种状况,并代表着如意圆满。


Pallasite Meteorite has the meaning and properties to realize a dream. It is a gemstone to give "ability" and "opportunity" necessary in order to realize a dream. It supports to win with ability and get on the flow of luck. It helps to build great success and prosperity.


In healing, Meteorite may be used in the treatment of anemia, strengthener for the blood and tissues, incoherence and melancholia. Meteorite may be used to assist one in understanding the physical body so that the body becomes one with the spirit. Meteorite offers strength and hope in the face of a long struggle or physical ailment.


Nickel-Iron Meteorites are almost completely metallic, being composed of blended nickel and iron. These meteorites are composed of the same material that forms the Earths core, and they may come from the cores of destroyed planets or the planet forming bodies called planetesimals. These meteorites can be sliced and etched, revealing patterns of cross-hatched lines, called Widmanstatten figures. These meteorites, in ancient times, were considered as a prized source of metal for making weapons. Nickel-Iron Meteorite's high vibration intensity activates the kundalini channel along the spine. Nickel-Iron Meteorites are powered with the energies of the stars. Nickel-Iron Meteorite facilitates great awakenings and changes take the leap supported by the cosmic energies of Nickel-Iron Meteorite and enjoy the journey. Nickel-Iron Meteorites helps one develop patience on the spiritual path. Nickel-Iron Meteorites helps one find the spiritual in the most mundane of daily tasks and the enjoyment of the structure of routine in ones life. Nickel-Iron Meteorite is helpful in seeing projects through to completion. Nickel-Iron Meteorite bring emotional balance and help one develop and understand wisdom that come from emotional experiences.


In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Nickel-Iron Meteorite stimulates the third-eye and crown chakras preparing one for inner vision and spiritual awakening. Placed on the root chakra, Nickel-Iron Meteorite awakens the kundalini energies and provides a good source of grounding. When placed on the Solar Plexus chakra, Nickel-Iron Meteorite stimulates the right action honoring the gifts of spiritual awakening and transformation.


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