HOJB ​​​​​​​Black Rutilated Quartz 5A Nine-Tails Fox S925 Silver Pendant 21x31mm 聚寶軒黑发晶5A"九尾狐"S925银吊坠21x31mm
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Brand HOJB
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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HOJB Loket Musang 9Ekor Batu Kristal Jarum Hitam 5A Asli 21x31mm (S925 Perak) (Batu Jarum Hitam Semulajadi)



Nine-tailed Fox Fairy has strong deception and charm, high mana, and respected status. It can help men and women recruit wealthy and positive peach blossoms. It has a fascinating field that can make people worship you, adore you, and have a strong will. According to legend, the nine-tailed fox fairy can be transformed into a beautiful male and female arbitrarily, upside down sentient beings, and make others see the spirits upside down.


黑发晶 Black Rutile










Lucky Buckle bringing happiness, good luck in life, friendship, love. It initiates a stream of happiness from four directions of the world and collects all happy waves scattered in time.

Black Rutilated Quartz is a highly protective stone. It transmutes negative energies into positive ones. Its high vibration helps to strengthen the body's aura and prevents psychic attacks. Psychologically, it dissolves fixed patterns and helps you overcome bad habits.


Quartz has a revitalizing and rebalancing functions on your body, the same goes for black rutilated quartz. This stone will give you a new strength to rigid, cold, insensitive parts that balances the functions of the brain, stimulates the glands, and fortifies the nerves.


The stone is also believed to imbue important energies to the body. In fact, you can also use it to alleviate nausea, febrile states, and pains. It is also effective against headaches and lessens back pain.


This dark stone will help you in gaining more luck when it comes to your financial situations. Not only that, it will let you choose more wisely when making any decision about your business.


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