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HOJB High Grade Natural Zoisite Ruby (Epidote) 5A Beads Bracelet 9-9.5mm 聚寶軒优质天然红绿宝(黝帘石)5A圆珠手链9-9.5mm
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Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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HOJB Gelang Batu Permata Delima Hijau Zoisite Ruby Epidote 5A Asli 9-9.5mm (Batu Permata Delima Tulen)

红绿宝 Zoisite Ruby


红绿宝石(Ruby in Zoisite)的原生石是红宝黝帘石(Anyolite),乃较稀有之石种。黝帘石是与红宝石共生,所以她夹杂小量红宝石,而黑色之小点是黑碧玺。












Ruby Zoisite is a mix of opaque red ruby in green Zoisite from Tanzania. Also known as Anyolite, it has pretty contrast and is utilized as a small gemstone, being polished into cabochons and carved into ornamental shapes. Very much heart-based, the vigor of the green Zoisite will stimulate positive feelings, happiness and  appreciation for which one craves for.


The combination of color and energy this stone is supposed to raise the energy and neural connections between the wearer’s head and spirit. The vivacious energy of this rock holds a strong spiritual nature that may alter the consciousness, and allow the wearer to access his soul memory as easily as help him to take him for spiritual learning. It helps the wearer to experience empathy for others and to be observant of his own body needs. Fiery and captivating this is a stone of nobility and the divergence in the two colors within a gem is rather pronounced. For this caliber, this is regarded as the most magnificent stone of all stones.


The unique harmony of the colors imparts the lovely sense of bliss so that one can embrace its accompanying feeling of exuberance for life. With the increased healing and magical energies, it is known as a light of the soul is quite beneficial in overcoming sexual dysfunction. By blowing up one’s internal resources and fortitude, it is extremely potent for those disposed of to self-harm, suppressed anger and self-disregard. It serves to integrate high-frequency energy into the body and assists one in knowing the true abundance of spirit.


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