HOJB Natural Cinnabarite Rough Stone Ornament 180-200g 聚寶軒天然朱砂(辰砂)原石摆件180-200g
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Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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HOJB Batu Cinnabar Asli 180-200g (Batu Cinnabar Semulajadi)

朱砂(辰砂) Cinnabarite


朱砂(辰砂) 在中国有数千年的历史,它是富贵、辟邪的代表,因此可以说为护佑一生的吉祥物。








Cinnabar, also known as Cinnabarite, is a mercury sulfide mineral that usually crystallizes in the form of masses, but has been seen in the shape of tabular and rhombohedral crystals on a matrix. 


Cinnabar is a transformation stone that can push one on an internal expedition of truth, change, and self discovery. It’s potent energies engage our root and sacral chakras, connecting the two and enhancing their external benefits. The attachment to the useless materials around us will cease to exist. All of your remaining life force energy will be turned directly in line with one's true higher self. The path in which you set out on will only become more easily understood as you meditate and tap into Cinnabar’s energy. One will become more in touch with their spiritual body. This will allow our spiritual body to make decisions rather than our clouded minds that are so easily distracted.


Another great quality of Cinnabar that one can benefit from is the ability to take control of their actions. This slight change can benefit all aspects of your life, and drastically change the path you take. One’s ability to control themselves, through willpower and determination, will lead them to one of the most powerful abilities of the human mind; manifesting your destiny. This is something no other being on this planet can do, except for you. You are the only true visionary for yourself as no other soul can see, feel or embody the real you. Let Cinnabar’s energy show you the power you have within, through deep meditative sessions that bring to life the “real” you.


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