HOJB Natural Strawberry Quartz Nine-Tails Fox S925 Silver Pendant 20x30mm 聚寶軒天然红草莓晶"九尾狐"925银吊坠20x30mm
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Brand HOJB
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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HOJB Loket Musang 9Ekor Batu Kristal Strawberi Asli 10x20mm (S925 Perak) (Batu Kristal Strawberi Semulajadi)



Nine-tailed Fox Fairy has strong deception and charm, high mana, and respected status. It can help men and women recruit wealthy and positive peach blossoms. It has a fascinating field that can make people worship you, adore you, and have a strong will. According to legend, the nine-tailed fox fairy can be transformed into a beautiful male and female arbitrarily, upside down sentient beings, and make others see the spirits upside down.


草莓晶  Strawberry Quartz










Strawberry Quartz will bring your subtle energy body, your emotions, and your psyche into balance. This is especially helpful when you want to start anew or get back on your spiritual path.


Strawberry Quartz will balance and strengthen the connection between your physical body and your aura. It will also bring issues and problematic situations to the surface so that you can find its underlying causes.


This crystal can reduce the restrictions that you put on yourself. It will help you eliminate your outdated beliefs and unnecessary emotions.


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