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HOJB Natural Top Grade 6A Golden Andesine Labradorite Beads Bracelet 9-10mm 聚寳軒天然顶级6A西藏金长石(黄金安德森石)圆珠手串9-10mm
Price RM880.00 - RM980.00
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Brand HOJB
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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HOJB Gelang Tangan Batu Permata Andesine Emas 6A Asli 8-9mm (Batu Andesine Emas Semulajadi)













-    增強個人獨立性及加強與人合作的能力 

-    增強個人靈感,激發創意,適合創作人士 

-    加強協調能力,化解危機及矛盾,令事事順利

-    改善個人溝通能力,更能表現自己 

-    有助於團隊凝聚,加強個人職場中的表現


Andesine Labradorite

This gemstone is believed to hold certain powers of mystery, as was called the “light-bringer”. It is said to lift ones conscious and connect him to the activities of the universe. Andesine Labradorite is said to block unwanted actions caused by another’s aura and stop energy from leaking, creating a protective cycle against negative energy which leaves the body so as to not allow re-entry.

On a psychological level it is said to mitigate fear and insecurity whilst also providing with a hyperactive mind and imagination, in addition to bringing new ideas and help with meditation.

This specific gemstone is also said to cure diseases surrounding the eyes and brain, while also relieving one from stress and setting the metabolism; it may also be used as a “witness” in radionic treatment.

It is best used above the higher heart chakra, or held in ones palm when considered to be in need from the owner.


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