HOJB Original Brazil Uruaçu Meteorite Rough Stone 82x88mm(0.96KG) 聚寶軒巴西乌拉苏陨铁(乌鲁阿苏铁陨石)原石82x88mm(0.96KG)
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HOJB Batu Besi Bintang Angkasa Uruaçu (Brazil) Asli 82x88mm(0.96KG) (Besi Bintang Angkasa Tulen)

巴西乌拉苏陨铁(乌鲁阿苏铁陨石- Uruaçu Meteorite


巴西乌拉苏陨铁(Uruaçu Meteorite)和坎波德爾西洛陨石(CAMPO)一样也属于IAB粗粒八面体陨铁,并且组成成分以及维纹与坎波德爾西洛陨石十分相似。但乌拉苏陨铁的陨硫铁含量比坎波德爾西洛陨石要高。


第一次找到乌拉苏陨铁是在 1992, 当时巴西戈亚斯的农民发现了一些碎片。此后, 一些陨铁被找到, 但总的来说,是一种罕见而稀缺的陨石。


鎳鐵隕石具有強大的神秘宇宙能量,是宇宙中第四度空間的天使,具有強大的闢邪能力,並能轉運開運,闢邪、鎮宅等。泰國、東南亞等國和西藏的高僧把隕石稱為—— 「天鐵」。






- 鎳鐵隕石強大的消磁功能,可逼出,洗淨患者的病氣,能量強大,可啓動其它寶石的強大能量。隕石放置家中,有「鎮宅」之功效;即壓制不協調、不穩定的能量場,使得此空間中,事事平安如意。


- 隕石可以用來為其他種寶石消磁、啟動,或是充電。


- 個人在持咒、打坐之時,可以將小塊的隕石握在手中,可促進身體氣血循環,增強身體活力、能量。


Uruaçu is an iron meteorite of the IAB group and is structurally a course octahedrite.


Uruaçu was first recovered in 1992 when several mass were found by cattlemen in Goias, Brazil. Later an 18kg mass was found by miners prospecting for gold. Other masses have been recovered since. The Uruaçu meteorite is a very attractive and the slices we are offering have been finely prepared to show off the meteorite's beauty.


In healing, Meteorite may be used in the treatment of anemia, strengthener for the blood and tissues, incoherence and melancholia. Meteorite may be used to assist one in understanding the physical body so that the body becomes one with the spirit. Meteorite offers strength and hope in the face of a long struggle or physical ailment.


Nickel-Iron Meteorites are almost completely metallic, being composed of blended nickel and iron. These meteorites are composed of the same material that forms the Earths core, and they may come from the cores of destroyed planets or the planet forming bodies called planetesimals. These meteorites can be sliced and etched, revealing patterns of cross-hatched lines, called Widmanstatten figures. These meteorites, in ancient times, were considered as a prized source of metal for making weapons. Nickel-Iron Meteorite's high vibration intensity activates the kundalini channel along the spine. Nickel-Iron Meteorites are powered with the energies of the stars. Nickel-Iron Meteorite facilitates great awakenings and changes take the leap supported by the cosmic energies of Nickel-Iron Meteorite and enjoy the journey. Nickel-Iron Meteorites helps one develop patience on the spiritual path. Nickel-Iron Meteorites helps one find the spiritual in the most mundane of daily tasks and the enjoyment of the structure of routine in ones life. Nickel-Iron Meteorite is helpful in seeing projects through to completion. Nickel-Iron Meteorite bring emotional balance and help one develop and understand wisdom that come from emotional experiences.


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