HOJB White Tridacna Shell Goddess of Mercy(Guanyin) Tassel Charm 23x40mm 聚寶軒天然白砗磲"观音菩萨"吉祥如意結风水挂饰23x40mm
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Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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HOJB Rumbai Batu Batu Kerang Putih Asli 23x40mm (Batu Kerang Semulajadi)





砗磲 (Tridacna Shell)








Guanyin is an immensely popular figure in Chinese culture. Her significance is often compared to the Virgin Mary in Christianity. Guanyin is said to offer protection to anyone experiencing pain, suffering, or fear in their life with special attention given to women and children. She’s even said to have the ability to grant children to childless parents.


Tridacna is an organic gemstone formed from a giant clam as big as 4 feet in length and weighing more than 500 pounds. Tridacna enhances the magnetic field of the human body and creates an aura of protection against negative energies. It calms one’s mind, enhance wisdom and promote good energy flow. Tridacna has a health boosting benefits such as increasing metabolism, preventing osteroporosis and anti-aging properties.


Tridacna also help treats insomnia and removes distractions. The giant clam; aka Tridacna Gigas are the largest mollusks on planet earth and it gets only one chance to find a nice home. Once it locks itself to a spot on a reef, there it sits for the rest of its life. They live in the warm waters of the South Pacific and Indian Oceans. Giant clams achieve their enormous proportions by consuming the sugars and proteins produced by the billions of algae that live in their tissues. About the “Man-Eater” myths, there is no account of any human being eaten by these giant clams. And they are far too slow to attack on a human by surprise.


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