HOJB Sericite Mica Water-Drop 925 Silver Pendant 27x22mm 聚寶軒丝云母水滴925银吊坠27x20mm
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Brand HOJB
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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HOJB Loket Batu Kristal Sericite Mica Asli 27x22mm (925Perak) (Batu Kristal Semulajadi)

丝云母 Sericite Mica


丝云母的晶体多么地干净剔透啊 ~








Sericite/Mica healing crystals help us to see and remove traits that may be contrary to our true selves. It increase the flexibility of our emotions, mind and body.


Due to Micas reflective nature it allows us to see things more clearly it also aids clarity with visions. Mica can be used to grid the Earth where ever it is prone to earthquakes.


Micas healing properties also help to ease anger, rage, hysterics and nervousness. Enables us to align our energy centers and assist in releasing old blocked energy, it assist those that are lost to find their way again.


Ailments that may be helped by Mica healing crystals are Insomnia, Dehydration, Mononucleosis and Tantrums. May also be used when you are fasting to help alleviate the feelings of hunger.


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